Sheth Awards

The annual Sheth Awards surpassed a major milestone this year, reaching 100 recipients since the award’s inception in 2006. The awards, sponsored by Professor Jagdish Sheth and his wife, Madhuri, are given each year to Goizueta PhD students who pass their comprehensive exams or papers, typically in their second summer in the program. It’s a time when the students have mastered their coursework and turn their attention to research and teacher training. The $1,000 award money helps support these academic efforts.

Sheth Awards

The following students are this year’s crop of Sheth Fellows.


  • Leo Barcellos
  • Jen Choi


  • Jaemin Lee
  • Ishitha Kumar
  • Jinoug Jeung
  • Abinash Pati


  • Jiayi Liu
  • Sokol Tushe


  • Wooyong Jo


  • Ananya Chatterjee
  • Tosen Nwadei
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