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Layla Bellows
Layla Bellows is a writer and editor working in the Atlanta area since 2001. In addition to writing for Emory Business, she is a regular contributor to the Atlanta Journal Constitution's Living Intown magazine, and she previously served as events editor at Creative Loafing. Layla also serves as a breakout group facilitator for Goizueta's business communications class.

Students dive into crisis leadership at 17th USBLC

When a company faces crisis, the ability to navigate through the incident, stabilize and thrive on the other side frequently comes down to one...

In campaigns, social media major but not only factor

Campaigns in the 2016 General Election are expected to funnel a record $4.4 billion into TV advertising. Goizueta's David Schweidel explains why TV is still big in a social media world.

Affordable Care Act changing the face of healthcare industry

Members of the Goizueta Business School faculty have focused research on the relative success of key points of healthcare legislation, specifically the marketplace for consumers and the information technology requirements for practitioners.

Climate change, not pipeline, the energy story

According to Ray Hill, senior lecturer in finance at Goizueta, the debate around renewable energy itself boils down to one thing: climate change.

Price image trumps price reality for most consumers

When most people hear “Walmart,” they’re going to think “everyday low prices.” But if you’re actually looking for the lowest prices on average, Target should...

Atlanta-area CIOs discuss concept of digital business strategy

Traditionally, information technology has been seen as a supporting structure for business strategy. Tech strategy was a subordinate element that needed to mold itself...

To unleash creativity, encourage casual acquaintances

Innovation and creativity are the buzzwords of business today. Leaders at major corporations are as concerned about preserving its creative spark as any growing...

Start:ME brings social enterprise know-how to Atlanta market

To many, the phrase “startup accelerator” conjures images of support networks for 20-somethings working on the next great app. Likewise, the word “microentrepreneurship” often is...

Healthcare Forum keynote considers factors leading to IT’s increasing role

Despite the technological advances transforming the practice, the healthcare industry is criticized for being slow to embrace change. The same technology that has helped...

Dollar Shave Club founder offers insights on entrepreneurship

On the outside, Dollar Shave Club seems simple enough: Go online, sign up, get razor blades delivered to your home once a month —...

MBAs use sailing to learn about working in high-performance teams

MBAs are notorious Type-A personalities — independent, goal-oriented, driven to succeed and best the competition. It’s a recipe for success, but it also presents...

From Ebola to Haiti, lessons on leading in crisis

When Emory University Hospital announced in August that it would be treating two Ebola patients, it placed the organization in the middle of a...



Preparing the Workers of the Future

Goizueta Business School is Preparing the Workers of the Future
The future of work. What does it mean? For some, thoughts of artificial intelligence, doom and gloom, or robots taking over the world might come...