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Michelle Valigursky is an award-winning writer, editor, blogger, and content strategist whose clients included Emory University, Fortune 500 companies, NASDAQ-traded companies, entrepreneurial ventures in various industries, and community-based small businesses and non-profits. She is a published book author and novelist who lives with her family in the Atlanta area.

Goizueta MBAs rise to the COVID-19 testing challenge

Goizueta MBAs rise to the COVID-19 testing challenge
As the critical need for national COVID-19 testing ramped up, Ken Keen, associate dean for leadership at Goizueta and Lieutenant General (Ret.), realized the potential for MBA...

Goizueta students aid microbusiness recovery

As the COVID-19 global pandemic wreaked havoc on small businesses across the world, Goizueta students stepped up to the challenge to share expertise and resources with Atlanta-area...

#EmoryTogether: Goizueta alumni help fight COVID-19

The fallout from COVID-19 is affecting every aspect of society, from public health to businesses to community and family life. In these difficult and...

Uploaded and uplifted: Goizueta’s 2020 commencement

Emory University Class of 2020
As COVID-19 lingers in our communities, Emory’s 175th commencement required a huge twist on tradition. “Before Spring break, we prepared as usual, then Emory shifted to...

The fine art of the RAISE

When startup companies’ growth accelerates rapidly, debt or equity capital often emerges as a top priority. On May 15, seven regional businesses earned the...

The urgent IMPACT of Emory’s COVID-19 telemedicine growth

The Urgent IMPACT of Emory's COVID-19 Telemedicine Growth
As 2020 began, the world was just waking up to the harsh medical realities of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. Goizueta’s IMPACT class...

Start:ME microbusinesses display resilience during COVID-19 times

The Neighborhood Sprouts
For companies with fewer than four employees, tapping into resources and creativity is key in turbulent times. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our global health...

Meal delivery in the time of Coronavirus

MealMe app co-founder Matthew Bouchner 20B
Goizueta student and MealMe app co-founder Matthew Bouchner 20B helps ensure a good deal. Times have changed with ‘Stay at Home’ and self-isolation orders impacting millions...



Preparing the Workers of the Future

Goizueta Business School is Preparing the Workers of the Future
The future of work. What does it mean? For some, thoughts of artificial intelligence, doom and gloom, or robots taking over the world might come...