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Know Your Network: Adam Chait 05MBA

Sports have a way of challenging, uniting and enriching our lives.  In this issue of Know Your Network, we celebrate sports and ask Emory...

Know Your Network: Zvee Geffen 09MBA

Sports have a way of challenging, uniting and enriching our lives.  In this issue of Know Your Network, we celebrate sports and asks Emory...

Know Your Network: Dasle Kim 11BBA

Dasle Kim 11BBA is passionate about building culture and community, empowering others, and delivering authentic experiences for people through marketing, communications, and events. She...

Know Your Network: Tara Whitehead Stotland 93MBA

Goizueta alumni hold more than a coveted degree from Emory; they also boast a wealth of life experiences and business know-how. In this ongoing...

Josh Inglis: On getting comfortable with uncertainty

  Sheer joy.  Bone-chilling terror. Ah, yes, the roller coaster of entrepreneurship. There is nothing like the mixture of excitement and terror that comes with...

Erika Song: On landing in a place of beauty

Erika Song 94BBA never really knew much about makeup or skincare. So how she ended up a strategic sourcing leader at Sephora headquarters in San Francisco is a winding trail forged by both happenstance and opportunity.

Rebecca Morris Ginzburg: On making the right connections

When it comes to getting ahead in business, Rebecca Morris Ginzburg 94BBA says it’s all about creating relationships and making connections.

Kathy McLane Gersch: On leading through change

Change may be inevitable, but navigating the unknowns and embracing the new have been a hallmark for Kathy McLane Gersch 94MBA.

Coffee With… Mary Ann Sevier 94MBA

There’s nothing Mary Ann Sevier 94MBA enjoys more than passing along knowledge.

Afshin Yazdian: On weathering the storms of change

How do you navigate change to achieve sustained success in business? Ask Afshin Yazdian 94BBA, president of Alpharetta-based Priority Payment Systems, and he’ll tell you it’s down to two things: patience and the ability to listen to other people. And he should know.

Know Your Network: Dustin Finkel 00BBA

Get to know Dustin Finkel 00BBA in our latest Know Your Network series.

Jeff Booth: On leading a new generation

Navigating a career in healthcare continues to be as thrilling as it’s been challenging, says Jeff Booth 84BBA 94MBA, executive director at Health Care Program Advisors, a boutique healthcare management consulting firm.