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Modern Ghana: New Achimota Golf Club Captain rolls out vision
“Barely three weeks into office, as captain of the Achimota Golf Club, Mr. Rene L. Gameli-Kwame [MBA alum] has rolled out his vision for the club. In his post election interview, the versatile middle-aged golfer revealed that plans are in place to ensure that Achimota Golf Club maintains its position as the premier golf club in the country.”

The Emory Wheel: Panel Discusses Role of Media, Youth in Current Egypt Protest
“A panel consisting of Emory professors, a religious leader and a CNN media analyst reflected on the uncertain nature of Egypt’s future and commented on the difference between the older and younger generations of Egyptians.”

PBA online: Bank of America Plaza Default “Imminent”
“It [report from Fitch Ratings] said the 55-story tower [Bank of America Plaza], the largest in the Southeast, has been handed over to a special servicing company that will handle the default process. ‘It’s a great location, and a great product, but you just can’t pay too much and borrow too much and expect to get away with this,’ said Emory University real estate professor Jim Grissett.”

Bloomberg: Francioni Wins NYSE After Losing With Niederauer CEO
“Four years after losing to the New York Stock Exchange in the takeover of Euronext NV, Deutsche Boerse AG’s Reto Francioni is buying both companies and putting his rival’s chief executive officer, Duncan Niederauer, in charge.” Need to relaunch your career?
“The iRelaunch Return to Work Conference, a one-day event hosted by Emory University Goizueta Business School on March 29, 2011, will bring together experienced professionals seeking to return to the workforce and employer sponsors, for a day of education and networking.”

Goizueta Newsroom: Goizueta A Leader in ISOM Research
“The Goizueta Business School has been honored as one of the top 3 universities leading in information systems research by Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ) and Information Systems Research (ISR), two top information system journals.”

Emory Report: Goizueta launches marketing analytics center
“Goizueta Business School has formally launched a research center for marketing analytics. The Emory Marketing Analytics Center (EmoryMAC) offers educational and research opportunities for Goizueta’s faculty scholars and students to interact with business leaders to address issues in marketing analytics and performance management.”

Bloomberg Businessweek: Technology Firms Mute ‘Earnings Noise’ as Adjusted Numbers Fade
“Technology companies are spotlighting earnings that more closely comply with accounting rules, a turnaround from a decade ago, after Apple Inc. and its peers stopped excluding certain costs from profit.” Local grad treats Giffords
“…Dr. Aisiku [MEMBA ’06], 39, is part of the team treating Ms. [Gabrielle] Giffords for a traumatic brain injury suffered in Tucson, Ariz., Jan. 8, when a 22-year-old gunman opened fire on a group of constituents gathered in front of a supermarket to speak to her.”

Goizueta Newsroom: Innovations Team Returns with Honors
“The MBA12 Goizueta Innovators team recently placed in The MBA Innovation Challenge.”

Goizueta Newsroom: Bowman: Recipe for Coke Experience Safe
“News hit Tuesday that Coca-Cola’s recipe — a secret guarded with the ferocity of key government documents — may have been revealed in a 1979 edition of the Atlanta Journal. The alleged, hand-written recipe can be seen in a photo which resurfaced this week thanks to producers at the Chicago radio show This American Life.”