In an impressive display of scholarly muscle, Anthony Koschmann 16PhD, assistant professor of marketing at Eastern Michigan University, won first place in the Research Division at the annual Broadcast Education Association conference in Las Vegas and was selected to be the US representative at the International Marketing Trends Conference in Madrid, Spain, where ten other countries were also represented, including France, India, Germany, and New Zealand.

The first paper, “Simultaneous Estimation of Supply and Demand for Legal and Illegal Motion Pictures,” explores the role of pirated supply on legal demand in the film industry. The second, “Brand Alliances: Creating Marketplace Synergy through Similarities, Complementarities, or Neither?” delves into the marketplace performance of various brand alliances.

Koschmann, who specializes in brand management and brand competition, received financial support from Emory and the Goizueta Foundation to conduct the necessary research. That plus a stellar dissertation committee composed of Professors Doug Bowman, Jag Sheth, and Maria Arbatskaya from the Economics Department made for two winning papers. “I wouldn’t have been able to conduct and write these research studies without the support of the Goizueta Business School,” Koschmann says. “The faculty have been incredibly helpful and supportive with their own time, money, and energy. I was truly fortunate to have such an amazing opportunity at Goizueta.”