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Michelle Valigursky is an award-winning freelance writer, editor, blogger, and content strategist whose clients include Emory University, Fortune 500 companies, NASDAQ-traded companies, entrepreneurial ventures in various industries, and community-based small businesses and non-profits. She is a published book author and novelist who lives with her family in the Atlanta area.

Goizueta MBAs rise to the COVID-19 testing challenge

Goizueta MBAs rise to the COVID-19 testing challenge
As the critical need for national COVID-19 testing ramped up, Ken Keen, associate dean for leadership at Goizueta and Lieutenant General (Ret.), realized the potential...

Goizueta students aid microbusiness recovery

As the COVID-19 global pandemic wreaked havoc on small businesses across the world, Goizueta students stepped up to the challenge to share expertise and...

#EmoryTogether: Goizueta alumni help fight COVID-19

The fallout from COVID-19 is affecting every aspect of society, from public health to businesses to community and family life. In these...

Uploaded and uplifted: Goizueta’s 2020 commencement

Emory University Class of 2020
As COVID-19 lingers in our communities, Emory’s 175th commencement required a huge twist on tradition. “Before Spring break, we prepared as usual, then Emory...

The urgent IMPACT of Emory’s COVID-19 telemedicine growth

The Urgent IMPACT of Emory's COVID-19 Telemedicine Growth
As 2020 began, the world was just waking up to the harsh medical realities of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. Goizueta’s...

Start:ME microbusinesses display resilience during COVID-19 times

The Neighborhood Sprouts
For companies with fewer than four employees, tapping into resources and creativity is key in turbulent times. COVID-19 has...

Meal delivery in the time of Coronavirus

MealMe app co-founder Matthew Bouchner 20B
Goizueta student and MealMe app co-founder Matthew Bouchner 20B helps ensure a good deal. MealMe app co-founder Matthew...



Leadership through Crisis

"Ladies and gentlemen, we're experiencing a crisis. I have terrible news. An accident at our factory outside Rochester has left several employees...